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Video: Hunter Pence Hits a Single Pitch Three Times During Giants-Cardinals Game 7

St. Louis exited the postseason with a whimper on Tuesday night, but that wasn’t the most interesting thing about Game 7 of the NLCS. It was mildly intriguing given the Cardinals’ recent history, sure, but it wasn’t the that thing folks will remember most about this outing. No, the thing that folks will remember most about this outing was Hunter Pence’s impressive ability to pick up three hits on a single pitch.

Yes, you read that correctly – three hits on one pitch.

Check it out:

For all of the MLB rule buffs who are wondering if multiple hits on one pitch is legal – it was in that situation. The rules state that a batter can’t hit one pitch multiple times unless his bat breaks, which is precisely what happened to Pence there.

But it still only counts as one official hit.


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