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Video: How Severely Should Bill Belichick be Punished for Grabbing an Official?

Everyone agrees that the replacement officials are awful. Similarly, everyone agrees that just by virtue of their sheer inability to call the game as it should be called, they don’t deserve as much respect as real officials do. That said, there are certain lines that are not okay to cross no matter what.

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick crossed one of those lines on Sunday night.

Following a game-winning field goal by the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick ran onto the field to dispute that the kick was good. (Wrongly.) Unfortunately none of the refs present really wanted to listen to him. So, what does one do when he can’t get another person’s attention?

Well, this:

Some stories today cite Belichick’s action as “assault,” which is obviously a gross overstatement about what transpired. Still, touching officials like that is not okay. Plain and simple.

The most likely punishment for this will likely be a fine and no suspension. What do you think, though, is a simple fine enough for what Belichick did?

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