Video: How Many Games Should Jason Smith be Suspended for this Hit on Blake Griffin?

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During Thursday night’s showdown between the Hornets and Clippers, Jason Smith momentarily forgot that he was playing for New Orleans’ basketball team, not football team.

On a pretty standard fourth quarter fastbreak by the run-and-gun L.A. Chris Pauls, Smith opted to absolutely decimate Blake Griffin with a totally random (unless there was a bounty) and unnecessary hit.

Check it out:

After the game, Smith offered this justification for his bone-headedness (via Jim Elchenhofer): "I didn't want to give him an easy layup (but) there are a ton better ways to go about it.”

You think?

The question now is: how many games should Smith have to sit out for that tackle? Keep in mind, Andrew Bynum got five games (later reduced to four) for a much softer flagrant foul. Though, to be fair, that one did come against a child.

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