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Video: Horrible Wisconsin Woman Rips Donald Driver’s Cleat Away From Little Kid

Memo to stupid adults: if you take souvenirs away from little kids at sporting events, we will find you, and we will expose your undeniable horribleness to the entire world.   

This past weekend, Green Bay Packers wide receiver and Dancing With The Stars winner Donald Driver participated in a special charity softball game in front of 8,745 fans at Fox Cities Stadium. By all accounts the event was a tremendous success and, after the fact, Driver was understandably feeling good about it. Before leaving, presumably because he was so happy with how everything had gone down, he stuck around to sign a few autographs and hand out some souvenirs.

At some point as he was doing his thing, Driver spotted a youngster in the crowd. Figuring that he could make the little kid’s day that much brighter, the DWTS champ tossed him a pretty great souvenir – his cleat.

Unfortunately, just as the little kid reached out to grab the cleat, this happened (via Deadspin):

Image placeholder title


This is legitimately worse than that awful, embarrassing couple from the Texas Rangers game a few months ago. At least that couple could claim they didn’t see the crying little kid beside them. (Total lie, but whatever.) This amazingly terrible lady doesn’t even have that excuse at her disposal.

Take another look (via Journal Sentinel):

The worst part? She was actually proud about what happened (via The Daily Mail):

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Congratulations flesh-eating Zombie, you’ve officially been downgraded to the second worst person from the last seven days.  

Update:She's sorry.

Update #2:And here is her awful excuse.

Photo Credit: MSN

(Kudos Deadspin, Journal Sentinel, The Daily Mail)

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