Video: Horrible Officiating Costs Penn State a Well-Deserved Victory over Nebraska


After spending a lot of the past year as the worst story in sports, Penn State slowly but surely became one of college football’s best stories over the past 10 weeks.

The kids on this season’s football team, ones who had nothing to do with the atrocities that occurred because of Jerry Sandusky and his enablers, have continuously persevered against long odds. They took a lot of undeserved punches in the media, they withstood some rough blows in the form of early season losses versus Ohio and Virginia, and they battled back each time. Heading into this weekend, they were 6-3. In a perfect world, coming out of it, they would be 7-3.

The reason that Penn State is actually 6-4 today as opposed to 7-3 is because an egregiously bad late call. Down by four in the fourth, tight end Matt Lehman caught the ball in traffic and stretched out his arms towards the end zone. A second after he crossed the plane, the ball was knocked loose. Everyone with eyes -- including the announcers -- saw that the ball was in the end zone before it was knocked out. Everyone besides the referees, that is. They ruled it a fumble. Nebraska would ultimately win the game 32-23.

Check this play out, and see if you can find any justification for the decision:

The only moderately reasonable theory is that, maybe, the officials felt as though Lehman didn’t have full control of the ball when it crossed the plane. Maybe. But even that’s wrong.

What say you: are we missing something, or did the officials really mess this up?

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