Video: In Honor of Packers-Seahawks, Green Bay's NBC 26 Trots Out a Replacement Weatherman

Nothing in Green Bay is as important as the Packers. Nothing. People come and go. The economy improves and worsens. The temperature rises and falls. The Packers, though, they don’t change – they’re forever.

Because the Packers are the heart of their community (and, mind you, the only publicly owned sports franchise in America), a lot of people walked away displeased with the way their MNF game against the Seattle Seahawks ended. And while the Seahawks may have gotten some flak for picking up a victory that they didn’t deserve last night, the majority of the blame for Monday’s calamity has been laid at the feet of the replacement referees working the game.

In an effort to point out how much worse things are when you replace real employees with inept substitutes, NBC26 in Green Bay replaced their weatherman.

The result:

Now that’s how you make a point.

Photo Credit: USA Today

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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