Video: High School Basketball Player Makes Game-Winning Basket for Wrong Team


There are few things worse than missing a last minute basket that could have won your team the game. You end up letting down your teammates, coaches and fans – all with one unfortunate missed opportunity.

One of the things worse than missing a last second basket is making a last second basket for the other team.

That’s precisely what poor Ryan Potocnik ended up doing during a recent game between Charlotte Christian and Norcross at the Hilton Invitational. With his Charlotte Christian squad up one, Potocnik made the blunder of all blunders and accidentally hit a shot to put the other team up with 17 seconds remaining in the game. Needless to say, Norcross went on to win, and Potocnik went on to live in basketball blooper infamy.

(Kudos to Awful Announcing via The Big Lead or the find)

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