Video: Here is What it Looked Like When the Miami Marlins Suspended Ozzie Guillen


By now, everyone knows what went down between Ozzie Guillen and the Miami Marlins to start this season. Guillen made some unfortunate comments to Time magazine about respecting Fidel Castro’s longevity, the Cuban community (and everyone else) got extremely offended, and a mass public outcry forced the Marlins to suspend their new manager for five games.

Guillen has returned since then, but thanks to The Franchise: A Season with the Miami Marlins, we now have footage of what exactly happened behind closed doors throughout the entire process.

Here is the Marlins letting Guillen know what his punishment would be:

Guillen is back, however, the Marlins are still having some very notable issues these days. It’s unclear whether any or some of those issues can be attributable to the controversial manager and his Castro gaffe, but here are the facts (via Ray McNulty):

"After attracting a sellout crowd of 36,601 for their season opener against St. Louis, the Marlins drew 30,169, 31,659 and 34,232 for games against Houston last weekend. Attendance dropped to 24,544, 25,723 and 23,168 for mid-week games against Chicago."

Will things turn around as Guillen’s comments are slowly forgotten by the public? Does it not matter either way because these lagging attendance totals are completely unrelated to the comments anyway? We’ll probably get our answers to both questions as the season progresses.

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