Video: Here is What Brandon Jacobs’ “Death Race” Probably Looked Like


San Francisco 49ers running back and world-class underachiever Brandon Jacobs recently found himself involved in something of a sticky situation.

As we noted on Opposing Views yesterday, Jacobs is alleged to have participated in a dangerous, police-escorted race down the Garden State Parkway now being dubbed Death Race 2012. The cars involved -- as many as 25-30 altogether -- reportedly traveled at speeds upward of 100 miles per hour and mostly consisted of high-priced exotic automobiles like of Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

Since reports of this race first came out, many wondered what something like that would look like. Well, thanks to the good folks over at Jalopnik, we now have some indication.

Check out the Fast and Furious series come to life in the video below.

(Note: Video contains obscenities, turn your sound off if you’re squeamish about hearing them.)

It’s important to note that this is a completely different video. It's not the event that Jacobs is accused of participating in. But really, how much different could one 100+ mph police-escorted joyride be from other 100+ mph police-escorted joy rides?

(Kudos to Jalopnikfor the find)

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