Video: Here is Jaguars’ Justin Blackmon Drunk Out of His Mind After DUI Arrest


Jacksonville Jaguars first round draft pick Justin Blackmon was brought in to address the team’s problems at wide receiver. So far, all he’s done in a few short months is give the franchise a whole new set of problems to deal with.

Blackmon, 22, was arrested two weeks ago on an aggravated DUI charge. It later came out that he had a BAC of .24 that night – three times the legal limit. What followed was the obligatory set of apologies and promises to do better, coupled with the Jags tucking Blackmon away somewhere and waiting for this PR nightmare to blow over.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

A few days ago, video emerged of Blackmon quite clearly drunk out of his mind at the Oklahoma police station that he was ultimately brought to. Check it out:

The Jags have a lot of money and hope invested in this kid. So far, it doesn’t like they made the smartest of bets.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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