Video: Here is a Foul Ball Bouncing Off a Guy’s Groin into a Woman’s Face

Because the internet was invented for this sort of stuff.

It’s certainly not that crazy to see a foul ball hit someone in an unfortunate place. They travel fast and folks aren't as good at catching as they secretly think they are. What is a bit unusual, though, is to see a ball hit someone in an unfortunate place, bounce off, and then hit another person in a similarly unfortunate place. That’s what happened at a recent Tampa Bay Rays game when, in a particularly blooper-ish sequence, a foul ball bounced off a guy’s groin and hit the lady sitting beside him in the face.

Check it out:

This would have been great karmic justice for that one couple who refused to give a crying child their baseball.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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