Video: Here is Bob Knight Quite Clearly Saying “Kentucky” Many Times

Last week, Bob Knight created something of a national stir when he refused to refer to the Kentucky Wildcats by name while analyzing the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Instead, he simply called them the “team from the SEC.”

Naturally, a national media firestorm erupted as a result of Knight’s refusal to speak the name of arguably the best college basketball team in the nation.

After days of tireless speculation on why exactly Knight despises the Wildcats and all they stand for, the debate can finally be wrapped up for good. On Wednesday morning, during an interview with Mike and Mike, the angriest man in sports finally called out Kentucky by name.

Check it out (via The Big Lead):

So there you go. Now college hoops fans can go back to questioning whether or not Angel Rodriguez is an American and Knight can go back to crying about his kid.

Balance is restored.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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