Video: Here is a 6-Year-Old’s Unassisted Triple Play

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Over the past year, we’ve offered many long-winded rants about how and why there aren’t really any interesting baseball videos on the internet today. We’re off that subject now. It is what it is. Instead, we’ll simply do our part to pass along about as solid a baseball clip as you will ever see anywhere. Here is some random six-year-old boy (we say he’s six years old because that’s what Dan Fogarty said, he’s probably really like 20) showing America what an unassisted triple play done the right way looks like.

Check it out:

Two things: first of all, as nifty as that was, we’re not going to get too worked up over it until that kid gets drug-tested. Two, sources indicate that the Angels have already inked him to a 10-year, $250 million deal.

(Kudos to Sports Grid for the find and Midwest Sports Fans for the photo)

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