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Video: Heat’s LeBron James is Still Sort of Defiant About His Receding Hairline

We all know that Miami Heat forward LeBron James has a receding hairline.

He can try to cover it up with one headband, two headbands or however many headbands he wants, but none of that will change the biological facts at work here. James has sort of realized that, and in recent weeks you’ve noticed him having a little more fun with his looming badness. Not as much fun as the NBA on TNT crew has had mocking him, of course, but at least he’s acknowledging it now.

And in the spirit of acknowledging it, he and Ernie Johnson had an in-depth conversation on the subject after Miami destroyed the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night.

Check it out (via SportsGrid):

So there you go, James is clearly still sort of defiant about his hairline. Did you notice his growing facial hair, though? Is he trying to make it long enough to be able to whip it around and wrap his forehead with it? I don’t want to start any rumors, but yes, that’s obviously what he’s doing.

(Kudos to SportsGrid for the great find)

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