Heat's Chris Bosh Admits He Doesn't Want to Work Hard

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During the first 10 games of the brand new NBA campaign, Chris Bosh has been walking the fine line between "taking up space on the basketball court" and “completely useless."

On Wednesday night against the Phoenix Suns, Bosh finally woke the hell up. The heavens parted, lightning crackled, God smiled down and Bosh produced his first quality performance of the year in the form of a season-high 35 points in three quarters.

After the game, all Bosh had to do was put a tidy little bow on the night and close things out with some solid, trusty clichés. “It was a team effort.” “We played hard out there.” "I'm glad I could help my teammates to a win" or “this is just one win.” All would have worked. Put on the street clothes, exit the arena. Goodnight.

But no, Bosh had to mess up the postgame interview. And now he's back walking that fine line and teetering near the "completely useless" zone.

Here is how Bosh inserted his foot into his mouth…yet again:

“We got back to getting after it again; I guess [Spoelstra] felt he was loosening up a little bit too much," Bosh said. "He knows he has to meet us halfway. He wants to work; we want to chill."

Essentially, your star forward is saying that he and the rest of the Brat Pack want to relax and lay on South Beach all year long, while their head coach Erik Spoelstra (first guy to get fired if things go badly) actually wants them to, you know, work hard.

Earlier we posted a video that we felt epitomized the problems the Heat have been facing this year, but maybe we spoke to soon.

Maybe this is the video that perfectly describes why Miami has been struggling early on.

Check out Bosh in all his glory HERE.

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