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Video: Heat's LeBron Won't Apologize to Cavs Fans for "Decision"

After all the hype and speculation prior to Thursday night's Grand Return, the Cleveland Cavaliers and their fans went out with the slightest of whimpers. Sure they booed, but LeBron James and his Miami Heat sidekicks had their way with the hapless Mo Williams-led, D-League rejects that make up the Cavs roster.

Final Assessment: The wild anticipation for this game far exceeded its actual entertainment value. In reality, the game was never close or interesting.

The only somewhat bearable portion of this whole mess was James’ postgame comments to TNT’s Craig Sagar. Essentially, he said he loved Cleveland, didn’t mean to hurt anyone, wasn’t sorry and wanted to continue his greatness in Miami (seriously).

Check out his comments in transcript and video form HERE.


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