Video: Heat’s LeBron James Raps Eminem’s “The Way I Am” Before Game 7

In a hilarious way, LeBron James being captured rapping along to “The Way I Am” before his Heat defeated the Celtics this past Saturday is oddly fitting.

At this point, James’ status as the best basketball player on the planet right now should be beyond reproach and past debate. Yet, thanks to professional troll Skip Bayless and his army of likeminded know-nothings, we have to pretend as though James isn’t as great as he actually is just because he “lacks a clutch gene,” whatever that means.

The LeBron James that the public tends to recognize isn’t the real LeBron James, it’s just the LeBron James that ESPN’s talking bobbleheads try to paint him as. It's fine to not like him. It's fine to make fun of him. But it's most definitely not fine to deny him due respect just because doing so doesn't fit a stupid narrative.

Oh well. Four more wins and all the haters will need to find a new reason as to why James’ championship isn’t as great as other players’ championships.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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