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Video: Heat's LeBron Hits Shot From Behind the Backboard

We talk a lot of smack about LeBron James here at The Daily Heat. You know, because he needed a nationally televised program to tell his hometown that he was ditching them. And because he refers to himself in third person. Plus, there are about a million other reasons why he can have a 24-hour news network dedicated to his PR mis-steps.

However, when James does something cool – we make it a point to acknowledge it.

During yesterday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets, the Scottie Pippen to Dwyane Wade’s Michael Jordan made an amazing shot before the shot clock expired. Late in the third quarter, James drove to the basket but ended up losing control of the ball. All was not lost, though, as he regained control of the ball while falling out of bounds and then swished a jumper from behind the backboard.

Check the play out HERE. Oh, and eat your heart out, Cleveland.


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