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Video: Heat's Dwyane Wade Destroys Cavaliers with Dunk

Seriously, someone just put this team out of their misery.

Every single time the Cleveland Cavaliers are on television, you feel absolutely awful for them. It doesn’t matter what they do anymore. They will always just be that team.

When they jog onto the court before the game even starts, you already can’t help but pity them.

When they inevitably fall behind in the first quarter, you begin to shake your head.

And, of course, when they lose -- yet again -- you sigh.

Wednesday night’s game against the hated Miami Heat was no different.

The Cavaliers came. They saw. They conquered nothing.

In fact, the only truly memorable event of the evening came late in the game when Dwyane Wade decided to have some fun on his way to 28 points for the game.

Check out the posterization of the entire Cavaliers team courtesy of Wade in the video HERE.

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