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Video: Havard Rugland Earns New York Jets Tryout with Trick Shot Youtube Video

Viral videos are generally regarded as nothing more than a pointless way to pass the time.

The vast majority of trick shot clips are seen as sad attempts at gaining attention for largely meaningless athletic performances.

A Norwegian kicker is looking to prove both of those cynical outlooks wrong.

After posting a video of himself doing a variety of trick kicks to Youtube, Havard Rugland became something of a viral sensation. Despite only being up for three months, as of this very moment, Rugland’s clip has been viewed 1.1 million times.

More importantly, the footage somehow landed in the New York Jets’ office. The team was so impressed by what they saw that they extended a tryout invitation to the kicker.

The Jets have yet to announce whether or not they will sign Rugland. Either way, though, an NFL tryout based off a viral video is a pretty impressive achievement in itself.

Photo Credit: Elite Daily

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