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Video: Harlem Globetrotters Debut 4-Point Shot

The Harlem Globetrotters have been “revolutionizing” basketball with their creativity for decades. Their latest innovation appears to be a 4-point shot which debuted on their 220-city (is that it?) North American tour that began this past Sunday.

The shot, which takes place from about 35 feet away from the basket on each half of the court, is about 12-feet longer than the NBA’s 3-point shot. The twist, though, is that unlike the NBA’s shot, which is available from the beginning to the end of the game – the 4-point shot will only be available in the final three minutes of each quarter.

No word yet on whether the Miami Heat will attempt to somehow work this shot into their offensive arsenal. But LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are already on record saying they'll make at least five or six while playing for Miami.

Check out video of the Globetrotters practicing this shot HERE.

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