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Video: Handball Player Responds to Opponent Kissing Him by Dropping His Pants, Grabbing Himself

There are certain times when even the most hardcore sports fans have to throw up their hands and admit that they just don’t get a particular sport. Mind you, not getting a particular sport is not the same thing as not liking a particular sport. There are plenty of American sports fans who don’t like soccer. Or don’t like rugby. Or don’t like cricket. There are plenty of European fans who don’t like football. Or don’t like baseball. Everyone has sports that they like and sports that they don’t like. It’s much rarer to come across a sport that you just don’t understand, though.

I don’t understand this sport:

I’m sure that guy has his fans, and I’m sure he had a very good reason to do what he did there – but I just don’t get it.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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