Video: A Guy Named Dixon Hernandez Tries Out to be a Houston Texans Cheerleader


Dudes trying to be NFL cheerleaders is a thing now, apparently.

Earlier today we brought you the story of Sacha Heppell, the enthusiastic young man hoping to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader next season. Well, as it turns out, Heppell isn’t the lone male in a quest to carve out a spot for himself on the NFL sidelines (with the cheerleaders, not players, waterboys, coaches or mascots).

Meet Dixon Hernandez: the only guy that participated in this past Saturday’s Houston Texans cheerleading tryouts. Even though Hernandez genuinely wants to make the squad, his main motivation for doing what he did was opening the door for other guys who may want to be on the team.  

"So I was like, 'why not try out, and just go for it and have some fun?' I'm here to have fun, and for the experience and, you know, just to see what it's all about," Hernandez told ABC. "Who wouldn't want to be a Texans Cheerleader?"

As unusual as it is to see guys trying to be cheerleaders for NFL squads, we seem to have moved past the times when it would be considered really weird. And yet, even though we’ve evolved moderately since the days when teasing and making fun of Heppell and Hernandez would be okay, you have to wonder if a woman trying play in the NFL (assuming she was physically fit to do so) would get the same sort of love and support.

Unfortunately, probably not.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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