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Video: Grown Man Steals Ball from Little Girl at Marlins vs. Brewers Game

America is facing a huge debt crisis. Unemployment is off the charts. Public morale is as low as it has been in a long time, and political polarization is as rampant as it ever was. The United States has seen better days. And yet, of all of the troubling things facing our nation, nothing should be as worrisome to Americans as this new trend where old people steal sports souvenirs from young fans.

You’ll recall, it happened at a Yankees game. Then it happened at a Donald Driver charity event. And yesterday, during what was an admittedly awful Marlins-Brewers showdown, it happened yet again.

Check it out:

How embarrassing.

Leave your man card at the front desk on your way out of the stadium, dude.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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