Video: Grandmas Shotgun Beers at Michigan Tailgating Party


Video footage (below) of two elderly women chugging down beers at a tailgating party before the University of Michigan football game last Saturday has become an Internet sensation.

The video of the boozing grannies went viral, pulling over 140,000 views after it was uploaded following the game. The elderly women, wearing Michigan sweatshirts, are surrounded by a group of twentysomethings snapping pictures.

The woman in yellow was the winner of the shotgunning (they used to call it "chugging") contest, but exits the frame as she appears to get sick in a towel that is handed to her. Her geriatric friend finishes her can seconds later, tossing it into the crowd before high-fiving two men.

The footage was captured in a University of Michigan parking lot before the Wolverines’ football game against Eastern Michigan. In case you're wondering, the Wolverines beat Eastern Michigan 31-3.


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