Video: Gina Carano Explains Why MMA is Like Sex, Ends Up Making Perfect Sense

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The great thing about former MMA fighter, current Haywire actress Gina Carano likening MMA fighting to sex is that this clip actually works just as well with sound as it does without. The other great thing about this clip is that it takes place on the Conan O’ Brien show, which most of us thought got pulled off the air like five year ago. So kudos to Coco for successfully hiding out from network axe-weilders on TBS.

Anyway, despite the admittedly kinky topic we used to suck horrible men in, Carano is actually refreshingly humble and real in this latest interview. Clearly being a celebrity hasn’t kicked in yet, and her nervousness/honesty is about as endearing of stuff as you’ll see on these type of talk shows.

Via Team Coco:

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