Video: Giants' Antrel Rolle Hosted a Huge 2012 NFL Draft Event

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On April 24 in Manhattan, the third annual NFL Draft Week Experience kicked off at the Audi Dealership in Manhattan, New York. Super Bowl LXVI Champion Antrel Rolle of the New York Giants hosted it, and explained the message he was hoping to get across.

“Pretty much on behalf of the City of Council and the ‘Stop the Gang Violence and Bullying’ across the U.S., and just trying to make a better civilization for our youngsters. You’re not nothing in life until you give back and that is what it’s all about. And that is what I live and work for,” Rolle told Jared Ginsberg of Class Act Sports.

John Askew, the Executive VP of Sports & Entertainment for Brewer Sports International, which was also a sponsor of the event, used Rolle as an example explaining that because of his experiences, he could relate to these kids.

 “I’ve learned a lot from Antrel in these last couple of weeks. He did another interview and he enlightened me on how he came out of the inner city and had situations where he could have gone the other way,” Askew said.

Rolle is as passionate on the field as he is off of it. His leadership was a big reason the Giants turned their 6-6 season around and into a Super Bowl title.

“A lot of guys lead by talking, [Rolle] leads by example. That’s really all I can say about that guy. He leads the team and takes control. At the point in time where we were, leading into the playoffs, it was because of him,” his teammate Brandon Bing said.

Also on hand was the girl group, “She’s So Sshhh”, who wrote a song called, “This Is It” which conveys the message about how serious bullying is in this country and how it needs to stop.

“It means so much. Bullying has become an epidemic in this country and we are all about sending a positive message of unity across different diverse cultures and that is what we are all about. We’re all big on making our music represent something for others to be inspired by,” the band members told Class Act Sports.

Several New York Jets were also on hand including Donald Strickland and Bart Scott. Strickland discussed his company as well as his charity.

“The whole concept of what ‘Visionary Moments’ does is, we want to bring life to memorabilia. I’ve already put together a plan for life after football, with my foundation, the Donald Strickland Foundation, we cater to keeping student athletes on the track to success,” Strickland told Class Act Sports.

Scott will never turn down an invite when it is for a good cause.

“Well you know me, I love giving back. I love charity. I love supporting teammates, anybody that was in the fraternity of the NFL. I just try and try to do my best,” he said.

Several other companies were present at the Audi Dealership for the outing including Elite Professional Networking.

“So what we are doing is recognizing different veterans every month and we also donate a portion of the money that we get to disabled veterans, blinded veterans, hospitalized veterans and wounded soldiers all over the United States,” Gloria Kressler told Class Act Sports.

Audi did a great job hosting the event, and Nicholas Alessi of Alessi Supercar Autos was happy with the turnout and took the time to talk to Class Act Sports about the newest model.

“This is a limited production vehicle, we are only building 50 of them. The car is actually a 33-year old design. When it first came out from 1979-1982, back then there was no internet, no TV shows like there are today. So to market the car we went to the Coliseum, went to auto shows,” Alessi said.

The event continued throughout the week coinciding with the NFL Draft. Class Act Sports will have more exclusive footage coming soon!

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