Video: Genoa Fans Storm Field, Force Players to Remove Jerseys for Being Unworthy


This past weekend, enraged Genoa fans forced members of their own team to remove their jerseys for not being worthy of wearing them.

Down 4-0 to Siena on Sunday, Genoa players knew they were disappointing the hometown crowd. They had to. The sheer unhappiness radiating from the stands was unmistakable. What the team wasn’t aware of, however, was exactly how much unhappiness there was. Well, they found out once and for all early in the second half, when fans climbed onto the pitch and disrupted the proceedings for approximately 45 minutes.

As a means of placating the unruly fans, Genoa players took off their jerseys and handed them to the crazy rioters – a way of signaling that they knew they weren’t fit to wear the uniforms.

Check it out:

Eventually, the pitch was cleared off and the game resumed. Genoa wound up losing, 4-1.

While we certainly don’t endorse rioting or being generally stupid at sporting events, there is something perversely wonderful about fans demanding jerseys off the backs of underperforming players. It’s certainly something Charlotte Bobcats fans should look into.

(Kudos to The Big Lead for the find)

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