Video: Frustrated Jay Cutler Talks Offensive Line, Interceptions, and More After Bears-Packers

The Green Bay Packers weren’t especially impressive on Thursday night, but it didn’t matter because the Chicago Bears were straight up awful. Jay Cutler threw four interceptions, Matt Forte got hurt, and the defense’s surprisingly legit effort went largely unnoticed due to the complete ineptitude of the offense.

After the game, Cutler spoke to reporters -- in an understandably aggravated tone -- about his offensive line, Forte’s injury, his picks and a bunch of other topics.

Check it out:

Obviously the season is only two games old and you never want to jump to any rash conclusions this early but, man, the much-hyped Bears offense that was supposed to blow away the NFC North this year has been non-existent thus far. Things need to change – quickly.

Next up for Chicago: a home game versus the St. Louis Rams on Sept. 23.

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