Video: The Fray's Strange National Anthem Performance at NCAA Championship Game


Various celebrities offering their own unique takes on how our national anthem should sound is nothing new. We’ve witnessed everyone from Roseanne Barr to Carl Lewis to Steven Tyler to a whole plethora of others take it upon themselves to butcher The Star-Spangled Banner, so it’s hard to really surprise folks with a bad performance these days – even if it's really bad.

That said, right before Monday’s NCAA National Championship game between Kentucky and Kansas, The Fray actually did find a way to surprise folks with their rendition of the song. It’s not that their performance was Roseanne-ish awful, per se – it was just sort of odd.

Check it out:

Here is a tip to performers: don’t try to put your own spin on this. The national anthem is fine as is. Showcase your creativity in other ways. Trust us, getting cute with the national anthem will not endear you to anyone. 

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