Video: Former Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Fred Taylor Talks Life After Football

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Fred Taylor played in the National Football League for 13 years from 1998-2010. He retired prior to the 2011 season, and can now focus on other things, like his Foundation, and helping other Foundations.

“I got a call from Seth [Levit] and Jason [Taylor]. They asked me to be a part of it and I replied OK in a heartbeat. Anything that Jason is doing, I love to be a part of it. He has so much class and he is given back for years,” Fred Taylor told Class Act Sports.

He has known Jason Taylor for years and supports his Foundation, which gives back to kids in need in South Florida. Fred Taylor is from Florida, himself.

“That is something I have always done without the notoriety. But now [that I am retired], I think it’s time to even focus on it a lot more and step to the forefront. Let the people know that they have supported you for all the years and now you want to support those who are less fortunate in some aspects. You want to go out there and make the most of it and give back to them,” he said.

Taylor owns numerous Jacksonville Jaguars records, having played there for 11 years of his career. He also ranks 15th on the all-time rushing list, with 11,695 career yards, one of only 26 members to rush for at least 10,000 career yards.

He started the Fred Taylor Foundation in 2009 after suffering a season-ending injury that limited his ability to walk at the time. Taylor wanted to do something for kids who are going through tough surgeries themselves.

“I have my own Foundation, the Fred Taylor Foundation. Basically it is based on underprivileged youth distressed communities, which is my background coming form Belle Glade, Florida as well as kids with physical disabilities. We partner with Special Olympics. I’ve had my share of injuries throughout my career. And we take small things, such as being able to walk for granted, and not every not everyone can just get up and walk. I wanted to help those as best I can whether it was providing, crutches, wheelchairs, and giving my time with guys who have good efforts like Jason and his golf event. And try to just help promote their awareness and their missions,” Taylor said.

His favorite part of his career wasn’t scoring touchdowns, or breaking tackles. It involved all of his teammates and not just himself, which exemplifies the way Fred Taylor is, as a person.

“Just being able to play. And being able to play on a high level. Being on that stage, you learn a lot and meet a lot of good people. Every moment was fun. I do miss the game dearly now that I am retired. But just to go out there and learn from a lot of veteran guys, like yourself. The game was great. The game doesn’t owe me a thing, it actually gave me a lot. I am a better man for it and my kids will be better men as they grow up for it, too,” Taylor told Victor Green of Class Act Sports.

Before signing off, Taylor praised Class Act Sports.

“Class Act is just about being a Class Act. Not just being out there, being a problem child or a media mongrel. It’s about having Class Act and I think that is what life is about and it will take you as far as you can go,” he said.

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