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Video: Former CFL Stars Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca Brawl with Canes

Former CFL stars and current old guys Joe Kapp (who coached Cal during the infamous "the band is on the field" game against Stanford) and Angelo Mosca got into a little fight during the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver last Friday, just two days before the Grey Cup.

In an effort to play up to old-people stereotypes, they used their canes in battle.

According to multiple reports, the melee was caused when highlights of a controversial championship game (48 years ago) where Mosca made a suspect hit on one of Kapp’s teammates was shown. The video sparked feelings of anger and resentment, apparently.

In an effort to make peace for past transgressions, the 73-year-old Kapp offered Mosca a flower. Mosca wasn’t having any of that mess, though.

Instead, body blows were thrown and, according to witnesses, “Mosca used his walking cane to ward off Kapp's punches.”

In response to this video, congress is reportedly considering raising the retirement age to 150.


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