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Video: Floyd Mayweather Talks Manny Pacquiao, Money Team and More

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is feeling pretty good right now. His arch rival, Manny Pacquiao, went down in embarrassing fashion two weeks ago. He now sits alone on boxing’s mountaintop as the sport’s best pound-for-pounder, and he gets to do so without having to face the only person from the past decade who could have feasibly defeated him.

Moreover, since he actually beat the guy who ultimately beat Pacquiao quite soundly, he has that card to play in case anyone questions his status.

Beyond the Pacquiao angle: Mayweather has already announced that he has two fights scheduled for next year. Both, most likely, will come against Hispanic fighters – and at least one will come on Cinco de Mayo. That means, win or lose, 2013 will be a very profitable year for the undefeated champ.

Any which way you want to look at it, he’s at the top of the world right now.

Which probably explains Mayweather’s jovial mood during a recent conversation he had with the good folks at CBS Sports and ESNEWS. Topics of discussion included, but weren’t limited to: Pacquiao, Marquez, the Money Team and a myriad of other things.

Check out the whole six minute clip out in the video below.

(Kudos Doghouse)

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