Video: Floyd Mayweather, Larry Merchant Exchange Words (Explicit)


While the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz wasn’t particularly fascinating for about 95 percent of the bout, the final 30 seconds of it -- and the interview afterwards -- were about as thrilling a few minutes as we’ve had in sports all year.

First and foremost, let’s set the scene:

Part of the way through the fourth round, Ortiz headbutted Mayweather. The referee separated the pair and Ortiz walked over to apologize. Mayweather accepted the apology. Then, weirdly, Ortiz tried to reach in for a hug or something to that effect as a further apology, and Mayweather just popped the kid – instant KO.

After the match, Larry Merchant came over to interview Mayweather, but the pair just couldn’t vibe. Merchant kept pressing him about the less-than-classy way he ended the fight, and Mayweather was still too hyped up from the match for all of that. Finally, the undefeated champion exploded and began yelling at Merchant, telling him “You ain’t sh*t” and that HBO should fire him. Merchant, in turn, responded by saying that he wished he was "50 years younger so that he could kick Mayweather’s" you-know-what.

As you’re watching the video below, try to answer this question:

Who looks worse in this video?

a.) Mayweather for screaming at an old man like an insane person

b.) Merchant for acting unprofessionally

c.) A goofy Victor Ortiz for giggling like a school girl off to the side after getting dropped as a result of his own stupidity

And in case you didn’t opt to buy a four-round massacre for fifty-plus dollars on pay-per-view, here is a summary of the match and its implications on boxing.

Video below.


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