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Video: Floyd Mayweather Beats Up Charlie Zelenoff

Floyd Mayweather Sr. talks a whole lot of smack, but apparently the 61-year-old can back it all up.

Recently, the very controversial elder Mayweather found himself in the ring against a self-proclaimed boxing great named Charlie Zelenoff. According to Deadspin, the challenger was “an internet legend” and “an unstable, unemployed Californian…” who has “…spent the last few years living the online persona of an undefeated boxer.”

We’re not precisely sure how Zelenoff actually managed to get in the ring with Mayweather, but we do know what happened when fists started flying. After getting pummeled by Mayweather for a few minutes, Zelenoff attempted to sucker punch him while he had his back turned.

Of course, this in turn caused one Mayweather’s guys to jump in and beat up on Zelenoff some more.

No word yet on whether or not both fighters submitted to Olympic-style drug testing before the match.

On a totally unrelated note: sucker punches are unfortunate.

Video of the madness below.

Kudos to Deadspin for the find.


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