Video: Fiorentina Manager Delio Rossi Attacks His Own Player Adem Ljajic

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There are good ways to deal with your anger and there are bad ways to deal with your anger. Counting to 10 is a good way to deal with your anger. Sucker-punching a rival lacrosse player while you’re being ushered off the field for punching a different lacrosse player is a bad way of dealing with your anger.

During a recent Italian soccer showdown between Fiorentina and Novara, we got another example of a bad way of dealing with anger.

Mad because his squad was playing horribly and losing to an awful club, Fiorentina manager Delio Rossi made an unfortunate situation a whole lot worse when he randomly decided to attack one of his own players. Now, to be fair, Adem Ljajic (the victim) was handling getting substituted out like a petulant child (he mocked and fake-clapped the decision), but he still didn’t deserve to get choked out the way he did.

Check out the entire fiasco below (from different angles):

For what it’s worth, Fiorentina eventually fought back and ended up turning what appeared to be a guaranteed loss into a 2-2 tie. Maybe there is something to this Italian, assault-based way of mentoring youngsters after all.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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