Video: Fans Throw Explosives onto Field During Belgrano vs. Independiente


Crazy stuff happening at soccer games has been a reoccurring theme for us this year. There were those fans who threw a grenade onto the pitch. Then were those other guys who attacked stewards for absolutely no reason. There was that one fella, with one leg, who rushed (sort of) onto the field not too long ago. Most recently we had those crazy Zenit St. Petersburg who lit a portion of a stadium on fire.

And now we new incident to add to the list.

On Wednesday, a match between Belgrano and Independiente in Argentina had to be suspended after fans threw explosives onto the field. Yes, explosives. As in, the stuff that blows up.  

Check it out:

According to Larry Brown Sports, the explosives were tossed from the Independiente fan section.

Incidents like this really make you appreciate the drunk, stupid college kids who hop onto the field and run around at U.S. sporting events.

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports)

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