Video: ESPN’s Steve Weissman, Sage Steele Provide Us with Awkward Moment of the Day


Being a SportsCenter anchor probably isn’t as easy as it looks. Yes, it’s mostly just offering mildly entertaining recaps of various sporting events, but reading off a teleprompter is actually sort of tough. Plus, if the ESPN News channel has taught us anything over these last few years, it's that there really isn’t as much talent down in Bristol as we may have originally believed.

All that being said, even though we don’t want to pile on the folks at the World Wide Leader, when they provide us with something this awkward, we have no choice.

Here is how one of today’s 10,000,000 Steve Weissman and Sage Steele-hosted SportsCenter showings wrapped up (via Awful Announcing):

While being accused of flirting with an athlete is something that’s understandably insulting and demeaning, you would think that Steele could handle it a little better than that. If she hadn’t been so visibly put off by what Weissman said, nobody would have even noticed this clip. Now you have her being offended, this video turning into a viral sensation and the powers that be at ESPN probably wondering if this mess borders on that one type of harassment that has nothing to do with touching anyone.

Unfortunate situation, any which way you want to slice it.

(Kudos to Awful Announcing for the find)

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