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Video: ESPN Shows Pro Bowler Scott Norton Kissing His Husband

It would probably say more about our society if a professional bowler kissing his husband on national television didn’t inspire columns and all sorts of play-by-play recaps.

Unfortunately, we are not at that point yet.

A few months ago, Scott Norton won the WSOB Chamelon Championship – only his second PBA win. Understandably emotional about what transpired, Norton did what any other athlete (eh) would have done in the same situation – he embraced his better half. Who happened to be of the same sex.

Check out the whole dramatic scene below:

Frankly, the fact that it took two months for ESPN to televise this says a lot more about our society's feelings towards bowling than it does about our society’s reaction to two men publicly embracing.  

(Kudos BuzzFeed, Deadspin)

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