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Video: ESPN’s Merril Hoge Calls Tim Tebow "Phony"

Last week, after Rex Ryan once again passed him over to play Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow reportedly asked his head coach not to use him in the wildcat package anymore.

Ryan obliged – instead opting to insert Jeremy Kerley into the role.

Despite the fact that Tebow had been a good solider for most of the season despite his coach blatantly not wanting to play him, the good folks at ESPN had a serious problem with his request. Apparently not wanting to risk injuring himself for a team that clearly hates him and has been badmouthing him to the press for over a month was a cardinal sin of some sort by Tebow.

Take it away, Merril Hoge…

There are reasons out there to dislike Tim Tebow. At no point during his ridiculous, moronic rant did Hoge ever come close to landing on one. He is just doing the Skip Bayless thing in reverse – trolling for the sake of generating headlines.

Mission accomplished, I suppose.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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