Video: Erin Andrews Correctly Notes that Nobody at Stanford Will Go to Class on a Sunday

Everyone was really excited this past Saturday when Stanford pulled off a huge upset victory over USC. Stanford fans were hyped. College football aficionados were hyped. And, most importantly, Erin Andrews was hyped. Following the big win, Andrews made this amazing observation regarding just how hard Stanford kids would party (transcribed by The Big Lead):

“Nobody is going to class tomorrow morning. Smart kids at Stanford, they’re not going to class!”

Probably not. Because, you know, it was a Saturday game and “tomorrow morning” would be Sunday morning. Beyond that, as was later pointed out by a number of Stanford folks, their new quarter doesn’t even start until the 24th.

All jokes aside, Andrews has actually been doing pretty well with her new Fox gig. A lot of people weren’t sure what to expect given her limited hosting experience (and a lot will hate her no matter what because of who she is), however, from a totally objective standpoint, she’s definitely been solid thus far.

And seeing as she’s probably going to continue improving from here on out, Andrews might actually end up having a pretty bright hosting career ahead of her.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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