Video: Dwyane Wade’s Girlfriend Gabrielle Union Banned from Sitting Courtside

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Overly-enthusiastic fans sitting courtside at NBA games is the absolute worst. Whereas regular folks who aren’t constantly in plain view of the cameras can be as annoyingly obnoxious as they want, the people sitting courtside -- whether they’re right beside the players’ bench or not -- should conduct themselves with a little more dignity.

Nobody told Gabrielle Union that, apparently.

During a recent interview with Conan O’Brien, Union confessed that her slightly over-the-top ways earned her a boot from sitting courtside at NBA games. Union, of course, is the famous girlfriend of chronically injured All-Star guard, Dwyane Wade.

Check out the Think Like A Man star breaking down why she’s persona non grata in certain parts of the arena these days:

As far as we’re concerned, Union should be allowed to do whatever she wants wherever she wants whenever she wants.

(Kudos to The Postgame)

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