Video: Dwyane Wade Punks Former Tough Guy Kevin Garnett During Heat vs. Celtics


Back in the day, people used to be scared of Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett. He had a certain ferociousness about him, a certain I’ll-Kill-You-and-Everyone-You-Love swagger that just made opposing players (and their misguided fans) quake in their boots. Toughness kind of radiated off the dude.

We are no longer back in the day. In the here and now, nobody is afraid of Kevin Garnett. At all.

During Monday's Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals showdown between the Miami Heat and Celtics, LeBron James made headlines when he laughed in Garnett’s face. In response to having a guy laughing in his face, Garnett did a whole lot of nothing. This past Wednesday night, during the Heat’s Game 2 showdown versus the Celtics, it was Dwyane Wade’s turn to mock K.G.:

“He’s one of the weakest guys to ever play the game. He’s a complimentary player and went to Paul Pierce’s team and won a championship. I wouldn’t consider him a top 10 tough guy.”

-Charles Oakley, a top 10 tough guy.

(Kudos B/R, BSO)

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