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Video: Dwyane Wade Hits Circus Shot During Heat vs. Nets

There are about five players in the league who, if you only let them score on freakishly awesome circus shots, would still find a way to drop 20 points per game. Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is undoubtedly one of those guys. During Tuesday night’s Heat versus New Jersey Nets showdown, the man who banished Kobe Bryant to wearing an iron mask for the next few months hit what is without a doubt the best circus shot we’ve seen from him this season.

Check it out:

It wasn’t all good news for Wade, though.

He would on to roll his ankle late in the first half and ultimately not play in the second. Both he and Erik Spoesltra maintained that it was moreso a precaution given the fact that Miami also plays on Wednesday and the fact New Jersey was getting absolutely destroyed (they lost by 30, eventually), but we’ll see just how true that is in due time.

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