Video: Dwyane Wade Destroys Darren Collison from Behind; Not Getting Suspended

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So in Game 2 last night, Dwyane Wade plastered Darren Collison from behind. The referees called a Flagrant 1. And according to multiple sources, it will NOT be upgraded.

I'm sure a lot of you see something wrong here, right?

Jason Smith did the same thing to Blake Griffin. He got suspended two games. That was in the regular season.

James Posey smashed Kirk Hinrich on this play. He got one game. That was in the playoffs.

So those plays are similar to Wade's hit from behind. Why doesn't he get anything?

I love you, NBA. I will never leave you. But for goodness sake, be consistent with your calls, man. Of course, I get that you don't want to suspend a star like Dwayne Wade but be fair to everybody (that is so naive of me). You have no problem suspending Amar'e Stoudemire for getting off the bench in 2007 (and not doing anything) and yet Wade runs over somebody (unprovoked) and gets nothing.

Oh, it's the playoffs? That's why he's not getting suspended? Weak argument. Like I brought up here, James Posey got hit with a one-game suspension in the playoffs.

Do better, NBA. No wonder the NBA gets the conspiracy theorists and all that bull.


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