Video: Dwight Howard Practices at Lakers Training Facility, Looks Really Good

When the Los Angeles Lakers pulled the trigger on a deal that ultimately netted them Dwight Howard, they made their own fanbase really happy and 29 others really miserable.

The one thing that those other 29 fanbases have been holding out hope for ever since the trade became official, is that Howard’s much-hyped back problems would end up being more serious than folks originally believed they would be. That’s what they’ve been hoping and praying for – that the Lakers gave up their rising star center for a lemon.

Well, we hate to disappoint those awful, awful fans, but Howard’s back appears to be fine. Here is a brief video of him practicing that has been making the rounds today:

Now, obviously a single 30-second clip isn’t going to silence all the haters, but it should at least put a muzzle on the doubters who said there was no shot of Howard coming back 100 percent this year. He’s hurt, sure. He’s recovering, yeah. He won’t be perfectly healthy right off the bat, obviously. But he’ll be fine eventually. And when he is fine – watch out, NBA.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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