Video: Dwight Howard, Kevin Hart Talk Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant at 2012 VMAs

Everyone knows that Dwight Howard loves the spotlight. He feeds off it like few other superstars in the NBA. And because of his inherent need to be at the center of everything and anything, the exile that Dwight was essentially forced to live in over the past few months -- before he got shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers -- was probably like hell on Earth for him.

Well, now that his move to L.A. is official and he’s no longer persona non grata amongst 98 percent of basketball fans, Howard is doing his best to rehabilitate his image by stealing as many headlines as humanly possible.

On Thursday night, he took his act to the MTV Video Music Awards. Check it out (via Twitter must-follow @cjzero)

It’s all fun and games until the first time Kobe punches him in the face.

(Kudos SportsGrid for the video and photo)

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