Video: Dwight Howard Gets Ejected from Lakers vs. Nuggets for Fouling Kenneth Faried

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Denver Nuggets 126-114 on Wednesday night. As if the death of a five-game winning streak and dipping to below .500 wasn’t bad enough, now there are lingering questions as to whether Dwight Howard will be punished further for the Flagrant 2 that got him ejected from yesterday’s game.

Mind you, the call was totally bogus. Initially it was correctly ruled a Flagrant 1, however, after further review the penalty was upgraded.

The illegitimacy of the botched ruling notwithstanding, this whole fiasco could be made ten times worse by league officials if they don’t leave well enough alone.  

See if you can spot the maliciousness in this play:

After the game, Howard had this to say to the Associated Press:

"I was surprised it was a Flagrant 2. My intention was never to hurt Faried. I like the young fellow and my intention was just to foul. I come down the lane, somebody is going to foul me hard, put me on the free throw line and make me shoot free throws. It was the same kind of thing."

What do you think: will the league fine Howard for that flagrant or will they just be content with an ejection?

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