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Video: Dwight Howard Clowns Kobe Bryant on Lakers Team Plane

Everyone loves a jokester, so long as said jokester knows not to push the bounds of what is acceptable. Dwight Howard clearly doesn't know what is and isn't acceptable in L.A. yet.

During a recent team flight, Howard did the one thing no one in the world (but especially a member of the Los Angeles Lakers) is permitted to do: he clowned Kobe Bryant. There aren’t all that many ways to get yourself thrown off a plane in midair, but making fun of the Black Mamba is definitely one of them.

Check it out:

You will recall, this is how Kobe treated a teammate who largely stayed out of his way. Imagine how he will react to someone who actually seeks him out just to mock him.

R.I.P., Dwight.

(Kudos BSO)

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