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Video: Doug Fister Takes a Line Drive to the Head During Tigers vs. Giants, Stays in Game

Detroit Tigers pitcher Doug Fister either did something really hardcore on Thursday night, or he did something really stupid on Thursday night. Which side of the fence you land on as far this issue goes depends largely on how seriously you take concussions in sports.

In the second inning of yesterday’s World Series Game 2 showdown, Fister took a Gregor Blanco-hit line drive straight to the dome. The hit looked bad, however, after a discussion with manager Jim Leyland, Fister was permitted to stay in the game.

Here was the hit:

Was Fister right to stay in? Was Leyland right to let him? Opinions will vary. That said, given what happened to Brandon McCarthy recently, it’s a bit shocking that more attention wasn’t devoted to this matter.

What do you think: should Fister have been taken out?


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